A selection of our favourite campaigns from March 2019



Perrier & Juice needed to increase awareness and stand out within the soft drink category, so used the Shopmium App to reach their audience through engaging brand media driving awareness which measurably converted into trialists, recruiting new buyers while visibly supporting their Tesco relationship.

Chicago Town shopmium campaign


Chicago Town extended their range of pizzas with the launch of a Limited Edition Cheesy Stuffed Crust pizza at Tesco.

They came to Shopmium to recruit trialists of the product and collect consumer Ratings & Reviews. The product was launched exclusively at Tesco, so the Shopmium store locator was used as a great means to let consumers know where they could find the product.


Piccolo’s Pouches are at the forefront of baby nutrition, they came to Shopmium to recruit new buyers into the brand demonstrating the benefits of healthy eating and then drive frequency of purchase following the initial trial

They also used Shopmium to demonstrate support to their key retailer relationships showing how they are using Shopmium to recruit new buyers and drive them to store to purchase.

Piccolo Shopmium campaign

Sheba Shopmium campaign


Mars Petcare brand Sheba brought an exciting innovation to the Pet Food category with their new “Creamy Snacks”.

They came to Shopmium to drive awareness of this new product, educate around the usage and application while measurably driving trial through a Shopmium sampling campaign.