A selection of our favourite campaigns from May 2019



One of the most instantly recognisable coffee brands in the UK is Kenco, they moved into a new category with the launch of their Roast & Ground coffee.

They targeted the Shopmium audience to raise awareness of the new product and recruit new buyers into the Roast & Ground category. They also wanted to introduce the Kenco brand to a younger shopper with their extended product range through driving measurable sales instore.

Kenco shopmium mobile app

Kit Kat shopmium mobile app


KitKat moved into a new space with the launch of their boxed KitKat Senses, their objectives were to drive awareness of the new product, while reaching prospective shoppers and directing them to the boxed chocolates fixture where you wouldn’t normally find KitKat products. The brand also wanted to collect detailed insights and feedback from shoppers around the product to help understand the reception and opportunity for the new product


Arla Protein is a high in protein yoghurt, perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle to increase their protein intake, before or after exercise.

They launched a new indulgent flavour and wanted to support their Tesco listing by enabling the Shopmium users to discover the product in app and then drive them to Tesco stores to sample the product for themselves.

skir shopmium mobile app